ACH Trash Authorization (Printable)
Amphitheater Vendor Form (eSign)
Amphitheater Vendor Form (Printable)
Amphitheater Volunteer Form (Printable)
Amphitheater Volunteer Form (eSign)
Authorization for Paperless Utility Billing (Printable)

Birth Certificate (Printable)
Birth Certificate (Web Form)
Business Changes – Closure Form (eSign)
Business Changes – Closure Form (Printable)
Business License Application (Printable)
Business License Itinerant Merchant Application (Printable)
Business License Peddler-Solicitor Application (Printable)
Business License Special Event Application (non-alcolholic events only (Printable)
Business License Raffle License Application (Printable)
Business License Vehicle Solicitation License Application (Printable)
Business Welcome Packet (Printable)
Citizen Request Form (Online Form)

Expo Vendor Form (eSign)
Expo Vendor Form (Printable)
Death Certificate (Printable)
Dog Park Application (Printable)

Food and Beverage Tax Return (eSign)
Food and Beverage Tax Return Form (Printable)

Going Out Of Business (Printable)

Landlord License Application (eSign)
Landlord License Application (Printable)
Liquor License Application (Printable)
Liquor License  Special Event ADF Application (Printable)
Liquor License Non License Holder Application (Printable)
Occupancy Permit Checklist (Printable)
Police Cadet Application (eSign)
Police Cadet Application (Printable)
Police Internship Application (eSign)
Police Internship Application (Printable)

Request for Refuse Abatement (Printable)
Report a Street Light Problem (Online Form)
Request for the Floor (Printable)
Request for the Floor (Online Form)
Street Closure Request Form (Online Form)