The Alton Police Department has a wide variety of programs aimed at educating youth and young adults in building life skills and exploring careers in law enforcement. Some of these programs include our intern program, police cadet program, and police explorer program. Each program is explained below.


The Alton Police Department’s intern program is designed to give individuals a glimpse into the real-world, everyday experiences of law enforcement professionals. Typically, one to two interns are selected for the spring, summer, and fall semesters. The interns often ride along with our patrol officers, shadow our detectives, observe the activities of our corrections officers, and learn the methods used in the police records division.

The interns fall under the supervision of Lt. Mike O’Neill. He can be reached at 618.463.3505 ext. 624.

The Alton Police Department has an open application process for individuals interested in an internship, meaning that qualified applicants may apply at any time. The application can be found by clicking here.


The Alton Police Department Cadet program was created in 2006. The program was developed with a dual purpose in mind. The main objective is to provide young adults with a law enforcement training program that provides “hands-on” work experience in a safe controlled environment. The position also provides a benefit to the Police Department and the City of Alton in the duties that the cadets perform. Police cadets are considered part-time, non-sworn employees with no legal authority or police powers.

The police cadets are often selected from the Alton Police Explorer program, and they must be at least 18 years of age but not older than 21. Some of the duties that cadets perform are marking and towing abandoned vehicles, checking vacation watches, assisting with special events such as the Fourth of July celebration and National Nights Out and parades, as well as enforcing parking ordinances. The cadets are not assigned to nor can they participate in activities of hazardous nature.

Police cadets are easily distinguishable from sworn Police Officers by wearing a different colored uniform and driving a vehicle that is clearly marked as being a police cadet. All cadets are authorized to participate in the Ride-Along Program on their own time and as approved by the Cadet Supervisor.

The Police Cadets fall under the supervision of the Training Sergeant of the Police Department. The Training Sergeant can be reached at 618.463.3505 ext. 661. The application can be found by clicking here.


The Alton Police Department Law Enforcement Explorers Program is aimed at educating and involving youth in police operations in an effort to interest them in a future career in the law enforcement profession. Through their involvement in the Explorer Program, they develop an awareness of the complexities of police service and learn valuable lessons about the criminal justice system, public service, citizenship, community, and volunteerism. Eligible participants must be fourteen (14) to twenty (20) years of age (before 21st birthday), maintain a C average in school, and possess no criminal record.

The Police Explorers fall under the supervision of Detective Ashley Clare. She can be reached at 618.463.3505.
The application can be found by clicking here.