Welcome to the Jail section of the Alton Police Department website. The Alton City Jail is very unique in that we are a municipal facility that houses both State and Federal prisoners. We are the only municipal facility in the State of Illinois that houses both. Federal Inmates are housed at the Alton City Jail in accordance with contractual guidelines established between the City of Alton and the United States Marshall’s Office.

Currently, the Jail Administrator is Lieutenant Mike O’Neill. It is the duty of the Jail Administrator to oversee the daily operations of the jail and the jail staff. Corrections officers, all of whom have completed the Corrections Academy, staff the jail.

The Alton City Jail has twenty-seven (27) adult jail cells, two (2) juvenile cells, and four (4 )holding cells. All but the two (2) juvenile cells and two (2) of the adult cells are double-bunked, creating a capacity for up to fifty-three (53) inmates. The holding cells hold several individuals each and are used as a place to lodge prisoners prior to being booked and placed in a cell. Occasionally, the holding cells are used to lodge any inmate that might be combative, or considered to be a suicide or health risk.

Both the Illinois Department of Corrections and the United States Marshall’s Office perform annual inspections of the Alton City Jail. The Department of Corrections’ inspection consists of two separate inspections, a municipal jail inspection, and a county jail inspection. This is because the federal cell block falls under Illinois County Jail Standards and the remainder of the jail falls under the Illinois Municipal Jail Standards. The United States Marshall’s Service performs a separate and independent inspection of the entire jail facility.

Visitation at the Alton jail is Monday through Friday, 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for State inmates.  Visitation for federal inmates is done through video visit scheduled through Securus (htttps://securustech.net/) and can be onsite or remote.

Should you have any questions regarding the Alton City Jail or its operation, please contact Jail Administrator Lieutenant Mike O’Neill at 618.463.3505, ext. 624, or  Click here to email Lieutenant O’Neill.

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