The City of Alton is committed to providing efficient services to improve the quality of life of its citizens.

The City of Alton will fulfill this mission through a personal and organizational commitment to the following values

ACCOUNTABILITY: Accepting responsibility as stewards of public resources and investing pride in our work.

INITIATIVE: Taking positive action to accomplish our mission.

RESPECT: Respecting our differences, treating each other with understanding and dignity.

DEVELOPMENT: Enhancing our skills and increasing our knowledge to achieve our personal best.

INNOVATION: Searching for new and creative ways of providing services more efficiently.

COMMUNICATION: Each employee openly sharing and receiving information.

LEADERSHIP: At all levels, challenging the process, inspiring the vision, and modeling the way.

TEAMWORK: Approaching decision-making and problem solving by involving all employees, focusing on people first, then processes.


We believe that our commitment is the foundation of all our endeavors to make our community a better place now and for future generations.

Description: The City of Alton is a Home Rule municipality, incorporated in 1837. The City is governed by a Mayor and a seven-member City Council. A City Clerk and a City Treasurer are also elected by the residents of Alton. All elected officials serve for four-year terms. To view a list of committees, commissions, and boards of the City, please click here.  

The purpose of local government is to protect the health and safety of the residents, businesses, and visitors of the City. The City of Alton is divided into the following 12 departments: Mayor’s Office, City Clerk’s Office, City Treasurer’s Office, Comptroller’s Office, Human Resources and Civil Service, Development and Housing, Legal Department, Fire Department, Police Department, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, and Information Technology. Many of these departments have subdivisions within their department. The Building and Zoning Department is a subdivision of the Department of Development and Housing. Animal Control is a subdivision of the Public Works Department. The Sewer Department is also a subdivision of the Public Works Department. Forestry is a subdivision of Parks and Recreation.

To view a description of each department, please select the department in the drop-down menu under “Departments” at the top of this page. The City of Alton has approximately 208 full- and part-time employees.

The Mayor’s Office, City Clerk’s Office, City Treasurer’s Office, Comptroller’s Office, Human Resources and Civil Service, Planning and Development, Code Enforcement, and Information Technology Department are located in City Hall, 101 E Third Street, Alton, IL  62002.

The Police Department is located in the Donald E. Sandidge Law Enforcement Center, 1700 E Broadway, Alton, IL  62002.

The Fire Department has two stations. Station 1 is the Don Twichell Memorial Fire Station at 333 E 20th Street, Alton, IL  62002.  Station 2 is dedicated in memory of Firefighter Captain Gary Porter and Firefighter Tim Lewis and is located at 3212 College Avenue, Alton IL  62002.

The Public Works Department and Parks and Recreation are located at 2 Emma L Kaus Lane, Alton, IL  62002.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at 19 Chessen Lane, Alton, IL  62002.

The City of Alton’s fiscal year runs from April 1 until March 31. The operating budget for the City is $71,801,124.