Please remit application to:
Animal Control
#2 Emmie L Kaus Lane
Alton, IL 62002

Payment should be remitted to:
City Treasurer
101 E 3rd St
Alton, IL 62002

An annual permit must be acquired from the City Treasurer’s Office by June 1 of each calendar year. The owner is responsible for paying the annual fee and any penalties as required by law.


 A chicken coop and chicken run shall be required. All chicken coops and chicken runs shall be in the rear yard and shall be a minimum ten feet (10’) from the nearest property line.
 The property shall possess single-family residential zoning classification.
 Free-Range chickens and roosters are prohibited. Chickens shall be kept in a fenced area at all times.
 The keeping of chickens for the purposes of fighting is prohibited.
 A metal sealable food container is required. Chicken feed shall be kept in a predator/rodent proof container.
 All areas where chickens are kept shall be maintained to be neat and clean and free of undue accumulation of waste such as to prevent odors detectable on adjacent property. Waste materials must be disposed of in a manner that will not cause odor or attract flies or vermin.
 City of Alton Animal Control Officers and government health officials, or their designees, may inspect the conditions where chickens are kept at any time.
 No person shall allow chickens to produce noise loud enough to disturb the peace of persons in surrounding properties.
 The owner of chickens shall ensure that their birds are cared for properly when ill and disposed of in a matter that does not endanger the public health and safety when their birds die.
 The slaughtering of chickens kept in residential areas as authorized by these regulations is prohibited.
 City of Alton regulations regarding animal cruelty shall apply.

(Maximum of 5 hens) Fee: $25.00