Acting Chairman: Tom Fleming


  • Alderwoman Carolyn MacAfee
  • Carolyn Dooley
  • Dick Alford
  • Joe Hanahan

Meeting Date: Third Tuesdays

Meeting Time: 4:00 A.M.

Meeting Location: Public Works Building

Contact: Michael Haynes, 618.463.3580

Description: The Parks and Recreation Commission shall assist the City in the effective organization and operation of the City’s parks and recreation programs for the benefit of the citizens of the community. The Commissioners shall advise the Executive Director and other officials of the Parks and Recreation Commission as to appropriate policies to be implemented to best serve the citizens of the community with regard to the supervision and control of all public parks, public squares, and public grounds in the City. In addition, the Commissioners shall advise as to appropriate programs to maintain and to equip playgrounds and recreation centers and all of the buildings thereon, within or beyond the corporate limits of the City. The Commissioners shall encourage cooperation between the City of Alton and various schools, parks, and other governmental authorities or bodies concerned with parks or recreational activities in the community. The Parks and Recreation Commission or the Parks and Recreation Department may solicit and accept grants.