If this is an emergency, contact Ameren at 800-755-5000.

The City of Alton IL is home to hundreds of street lights. Many of which are not owned or maintained by the Alton Public Works Department; most of them are owned and maintained by Ameren Illinois.

To improve service when making a request, please look near the middle of the pole for a small circle tag that contains the pole number. Providing this identification number along with the closest street name and address will help identify the correct street light. To report a street light issue please fill out the form below. Schedules for repair of street lights are determined by Ameren Illinois.

If the number on the ID plate starts with a “Z” it is privately owned by the property owner. The account for lighting is issued to the private property owners who requested to have the light installed.

If a streetlight looks like the above example, it is a city owned light pole. Please report the light out to the Department of Public Works at 618-463-3530.