• Ben Adams
  • Brian Campbell
  • John Simmons
  • Jesse Jemison
  • Scott Dixon
  • Mike Thoma
  • Christine Favilla

Meeting Date:  Fourth Tuesday of the Month

Meeting Time: 2:00 P.M.

Meeting Location: City Hall, Council Chambers

Contact: Mayor’s Office, 618.463.3500 ext. 3

Description: The Alton Riverfront Commission will provide administrative briefings on the status of riverfront development and redevelopment progress in Alton and within an area of the City limits of Alton along its riverfront and elsewhere and to research information and materials from other riverfront communities and development in the region and along the Mississippi River. Alton Riverfront Commission will provide suggestions, options and feedback to the intended to further develop the design of the riverfront that supports, enhances, and grows the facilities, programs, and services of the City of Alton in a fiscally responsible manner that meets community needs. Engage with members of the public to ensure that all parties in community, as well as regional stakeholders, have an opportunity to participate in the stewardship and future development of Alton riverfront in a meaningful way. Review and provide feedback on Land Use Regulations, ordinances and other such policy changes that affect the riverfront and other areas referred to the Commission for review and comment. Work with the Mayor and City Council and the US Army Corps of Engineers to develop a Riverfront Strategic Plan and to engage the public soliciting input that will inform the overarching design, development, and management of a plan for the Alton Riverfront and to also provide for an evaluation of any current and or previous recommendations made towards its development or redevelopment