Military experience is well regarded by the Alton Police Department. We are proud that many servicemen and women live and work at nearby Scott Air Force Base. We welcome all who have military experience to consider a career with the Alton Police Department when you leave your military service.

Familiarity with firearms, mental toughness, physical conditioning, discipline, and an understanding of command structure and culture are all benefits that you have mastered and we welcome those skills.

Consider applying your expertise by joining our family.


  • Age 21 not yet 35 (Veterans over age 35 should refer to state statute 65 ILCS 5/10-2.1-6)
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Residency: Establish and maintain principle domicile within the counties of: Illinois – Madison, Jersey, Macoupin, St Clair; Missouri – St Louis, St Charles
  • Applicants must pass a physical agility examination (POWER Test) as well as a general aptitude written examination.
  • Oral examination by the Civil Service Commission is required.  Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a thorough background check, psychological examination, and physical examination.

In order to be eligible to take the general aptitude written examination, the entry-level police officer applicant must first submit a complete application and proof of passing the physical agility examination (POWER Test). Once the complete application and proof of POWER Test completion are submitted, the applicant is eligible to take the general aptitude written examination. Entry-level police officer applicants are then placed on a hiring list based on the score of their general aptitude written examination and any qualifying military/preference points.

The Alton Police Department currently relies upon the Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) POWER Test program for police officer applicants looking to obtain the necessary proof of completion for the POWER Test.

Click here for information on POWER Test requirements, registration, testing locations, testing dates, etc.